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Statistical ReportsOver 6 Out of 10 Economically Inactive Women, Inactive Due to ‘Childcare’ and ‘Housework’ as of 2015

It was found out that as of 2015, there were 10,586 economically inactive women who were neither employed nor unemployed, and out of these women, 7,085 were fulfilling ‘childcare’ and ‘housework’ duties. Following this were, 1,951 ‘attending school’ such as educational institutes, preparatory schools or academies for employment, and 812 were old age. 


 For economically inactive men, ‘attending school’ was the most common with 2,142 people, and then followed ‘others’ including waiting for military service and rest, was 1,720, and old age being 1,233.


Out of economically inactive men, those performing ‘childcare’ and ‘housework’ duties were 8,000 and 1,420 respectively, which was much lower than women, showing that childcare and housework are still focused mostly on women.


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[ 2017.02.08 ]