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Statistical ReportsThe Percentage of Female Non-regular worker's Overtime Allowance Benefit is 22.6%
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41.4% female wage workers, and 53.5% male wage workers were paid overtime allowance which means out of all the wage workers, males were paid more overtime allowance than females by 12.1%p.


By employment type, 54.7% of female regular workers, and 62.8% of male regular workers received overtime allowance. For the non-regular workers, 22.6% of female non-regular workers and 27.2% of male non-regular workers were paid overtime allowance. In both the regular workers and non-regular workers, females received lower overtime allowance than males by 8.1%p and 4.6%p respectively. And the gap was more evident between female and male regular workers.


On the other hand, female and male regular workers received over 50% of overtime allowance. However, female and male non-regular workers received less than 30% of overtime allowance. This is not only discrimination based on sex but also employment type.

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[ 2019.09.24 ]